A brave new world

Our world and all we know day-to-day is about engaging with clients, candidates and colleagues. Much of this is done face-to-face, and is the reason we love what we do - helping clients to employ their dream workforce and helping candidates secure their dream job! 

So today, and for many more days to come, our world changes. We no longer go to the office, engage with our colleagues in person over a morning coffee, greet candidates at our office, or meet with clients at theirs. Our hands are tied. We are powerless.

Or are we? 

Of course we're not! Our teams are highly capable, talented, agile, driven, and most of all proud of how they work together, as well as with our clients and candidates. These last few days have very much been about transitioning into a new world, but a world that is still ours to make of it what we will. 

What I have learned over the last week or so is that you can accomplish anything if you come together as a team. I am so incredibly proud of how our teams have shown such tenacity and determination in such unchartered waters. 

In the last week alone, we have enabled a number of CEOs, VPs and MDs to deliver much-needed leadership and direction by providing virtual PAs. Critical support a leader just can't do without - especially at the moment!

One thing is for sure, our clients and candidates will continue to receive an exceptional, professional and friendly service. And our attitudes and activities now will make us stronger, wiser and even better equipped to provide innovative solutions for whenever you need our support in any way. 

And speaking of support, please do look out for our online events and guides to help steer you through these challenging times. 


Written by Victoria Terrington, Director at Crone Corkill


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