Recommend a Friend

Recommend a friend, colleague or family member to Crone Corkill and we'll give you a £100 multi-store gift voucher! 

* Terms and Conditions – campaign is applicable to all candidates referred as of 1st April 2018 onwards

Candidates that refer a prospective candidate are eligible for a voucher within the first six months of their referred friend's registration.

1. If the referred friend is not placed within their first six months after being registered, the opportunity to receive a recommend a friend voucher will be null and void.

2. A recommended candidate can only be nominated once and the first person to nominate such candidate will be eligible for payment. †

3. Within six months of registering, if the recommended candidate is placed into a permanent or temporary assignment, they will receive multi-store gift vouchers.

There is no alternative prize and the prize must be redeemed within six months of notification. This offer does not vary from our standard conditions, as outlined in our Candidate Agreement that apply in all other respects.

† This promotion is not open to employees of Crone Corkill or its affiliated brands and the recommended candidate must not already be registered with Crone Corkill or its affiliated brands.

1 To be eligible for the voucher, a temporary assignment candidate must complete 30 temporary coverage days.

2 To be eligible for the voucher, a permanent assignment candidate must remain in the role for more than 30 days without incident.

Recommend a Friend