Over the next few months we are refreshing our marketing channels with a new, colourful and strong visual perspective. Our websites, social media, and marketing collateral will see a re‐design, introducing combinations of triangles, colour and connected links.

We have chosen the triangle for its embodiment of organisation, efficiency, and structure. The power of the triangle in design also conveys progression, direction, and purpose.

Softening the triangle edges shows an organic and natural expression.

The linking of the triangles is a connotation of connectivity, showing our strong and binding relationships with clients, candidates and consultants within our business.

'It displays the role of ‘connecting people and opportunities’.

The linking ‘chain‐effect’ also it signifies the ARUK business ever linking: From Recruit through to AR, through to xPO and Crone Corkill – likewise forming a solid and strong chain of business.

Utilising a wider colour spectrum creates differentiation and personality from our entrenched competitors and is therefore extremely important, allowing us to stand out within the market.