We dedicate a significant chunk of our lives to work. Making the most of your job doesn’t depend on whether you want to progress in your career or stay content.

What is important is investing time in yourself.

That’s why each year, we create a Salary Survey. It’s got everything you need in one place. From what the current trends are to what salaries look like in each role.

Learning about these insights can help you take a step back and ensure you’re aligning your current position with your self-worth. To hire, use the report to match your team’s needs and desires. This will help you meet the goals of future hires.

Here’s a glimpse of our top findings from this year’s survey.

Location, location, location

The buzz around flexible working has been everywhere since COVID-19, but what that means is different for everyone.

Those we surveyed said where they worked was important. With ‘job flexibility’ being the biggest keyword when searching for jobs.

This balance offers the freedom to manage life admin alongside your job. So your work doesn’t control your life, you do.

Work life balance

It’s easy for work to take over. Whether it’s a tight deadline or a busy month, the work-life balance can shift towards work.

Both candidates and employers agree that finding the right balance is important for emotional well-being and preventing burnout.

And it doesn’t just mean having the option to work from home. It can mean leaving work sooner or later, going to the doctor, or taking an unplanned day off. It’s about work not taking over your personal lives.

Climbing the ladder

The candidates we surveyed are eager for career development.

But climbing the ladder can look different for everyone. You can advance in your field or try a different industry or job type altogether.

However, as new generations enter the workforce bringing with them terms like ‘bare minimum Monday’s’, we wonder; are they ambitious about climbing the career ladder too? And how their professional goals will compare to previous generations.

A candidate driven market

Matching candidate needs has been an uphill battle for hiring managers. With the rise in the cost of living, candidates need to be more strategic with where they move.

That’s why benchmarking your salaries is important.

For candidates to find a role that aligns with their worth. Use this these reports to negotiate a salary or find a job that matches what you should be getting.

And for employers to not lose out on top talent because your salary isn’t competitive enough. You should use these reports in your salary review process and your hiring process.

Having the above insights can really help you no matter what part of the journey you’re at.

It can help people:

  • Gearing up for salary reviews
  • Searching for their next opportunity
  • Understand candidate expectations
  • Benchmark what your salaries should be

This year we’re doing things differently

For our upcoming survey, we’re delving deeper. Beyond benchmarking, we’re keen on understanding what truly matters at work – your sense of fulfilment, your perception of work, and how you envision your future.

We want to know more about what really matters. Why? Because we believe this kind of insight can make a difference.

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