Are you navigating salary benchmarking for your business? After our 2024 salary survey was released, we were inundated with questions and queries on how to approach salary benchmarking in the best way. So we’ve created this simple tool to get you started on introducing salary benchmarking in your business. 

What is the Salary Benchmarking Template?

It’s an Excel template that’s super simple to complete. You will need to choose your preferred supplier of salary information. Several suppliers can provide this at a cost, or you can do online research to inform assumptions around average salary ranges. Whether you pay for this information or DIY depends on the size of your business and the complexity of the roles within the business. 

Why download this Salary Benchmarking Template?

  1. To make informed decisions on salaries based on market trends and insights 
  2. To set competitive salaries to recruit and retain remarkable talent 
  3. To streamline the salary benchmarking process 
  4. To create a process that’s easy to update on a regular basis 
  5. To develop something bespoke to your business that’s user friendly 
  6. To provide decision making insights to your leadership team. 

This is a free resource we’ve developed in response to questions directly from employers and hiring managers. If you’d like additional free resources, let us know by emailing [email protected] 

Download your free template