When are Employability Reports useful?

The biggest demand for Employability reports comes when an organisation is restructuring or looking to exit one or more employees. At this stage, an employability report gives a unique glimpse into the market. How does the individual stack up against similar candidates? What’s their likelihood of successfully finding a like-for-like role?

This insight can then be used to agree on a realistic, fair settlement agreement for both parties.  As an employer, you want to pay a fair valuation in a settlement agreement. these reports can replace anecdotal thoughts with data and insight that can support your financial plans.

What’s included?

Each report is bespoke but will typically include an analysis of the current market for the individual, including:

  • A CV review and feedback
  • Market conditions for similar roles in the same or similar sectors
  • A summary of available roles by geography (including remote/hybrid options)
  • A suggestion on time frames for finding a like-for-like role.

At your request, we can also work with the individual on career coaching including a CV refresh, interview skills and mentoring on ‘selling your best self’.

Where to start?

Because each situation is unique, we will introduce you to a senior consultant with experience in your sector. They’ll arrange a confidential (no-obligation) call to understand your exact needs regarding an employability report request and agree on the depth of detail and delivery timeframes. We can also provide a sample report so you can understand the depth of detail that you’ll receive.

Want to find out more?

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