Imposter syndrome – we’ve all heard about it. And, looking at the number of registrations and attendees we had at our recent webinar; we all want to know how to overcome it.

Angela’s take is a refreshing and insightful view on how to deal with what your inner voice is trying to teach you.

Yes, it can hinder growth, wear down our confidence, and keep us from saying yes to opportunities.

But, it can also be harnessed to become a unique strength and a driver of passion and success in both career and personal life.

Watch the video on this page for some truly inspirational words of wisdom, and practical strategies, on how to deal with Imposter Syndrome.

We had some wonderful questions at the end. If you weren’t able to join, or didn’t get a chance to ask your question; forward it on to [email protected] as we’ll be developing even more content around this hotly discussed area of personal development.

“Thank you for this webinar. It was so amazing I had to call my wife about it immediately. Thanks to Angela for also answering my question in the chat. I really appreciate that!

Hugh, Webinar Attendee

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