Leave your work at the office

Though the advent of working from home has been hugely useful to professionals around the world over, it has blurred the lines between “work” and “home”, leading to increased anxiety over workloads, outstanding tasks, and meetings you have the next day.

Perspective is everything here – don’t lose sight of what’s important. Make time for friends, family, and stuff you want to do that isn’t work. Get into the habit of shutting your laptop down at the end of your day, and leave the drama and stress of the office at the door.

Take breaks

It sounds counterintuitive, but taking breaks regularly, even as often as a few minutes every hour, can vastly improve your workday. Conversely, working uninterrupted for hours on end can lead to loss of focus and motivation, not to mention the toll staring at a screen for eight hours straight has on both mental and physical health.

Learn to switch off and take a break, even if only for a few minutes. Your body and brain will thank you in the long term, and you’ll find yourself refreshed and energised!

Adapt your Surroundings

Over the last two years, we’ve found that sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest.

No matter where you work – a desk, cubicle, living room – take steps to make it yours and decorate it with things that make you happy. A family photo that makes you smile, some lush green plants, nice lighting, whatever it may be. Even your own personalised mug can make a cheerful change from boring white ones in the office – get creative!

Do one thing at a time

A big to-do list can be really overwhelming, and it’s so tempting to try and address everything at once to get it off your plate as soon as possible. However, this is always a recipe for failure, as you will end up not giving each task the time and dedication it deserves or lose time by frantically trying to get everything done at once.

If you break down your tasks into manageable chunks, you’ll find it much easier to complete tasks in full, rather than trying to do random bits and pieces simultaneously.

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