Work experience comes in various forms, and as a high school graduate, you may have more experience than you realise. Employers value people who have demonstrated their skills and commitment through different activities, it doesn’t just have to be jobs.

Here’s a breakdown of what counts as work experience for high school graduates:

Work Experience at School

Your school may have offered work experience programs where you had the opportunity to spend time with professionals in various fields. These experiences provide valuable insights into the working world and can be mentioned on your resume.

Committees and Societies at School

Involvement in school clubs, committees, or societies demonstrates your teamwork and organisational skills. Make sure to mention any leadership roles or special projects you were involved in.

Alternatively, if you’ve worked on personal projects or hobbies that align with your desired career, such as working with family on a passion project, creating a social media account or starting a ‘side-hustle’, these demonstrate your skills and initiative.


Part-Time Jobs

If you held part-time jobs during high school, whether in a shop, food service, or any other business, you can demonstrate your reliability, time management skills, and ability to work as part of a team. These kinds of skills are known as transferable skills – ones that you can apply to any job.


Volunteering for community organisations, fundraisers or charities showcases your commitment to helping people. It also highlights your dedication and willingness to contribute to causes you’re passionate about.


There are often opportunities available for students to gain hands-on experience. These internships can be in various fields, including (but not limited to) marketing, finance, administration, or technology. Internships will enable you to gain new skills and experience in an industry or career path you want to break into.

Open Days and Career Fairs

Attending open days at colleges or career fairs exposes you to potential career paths and allows you to network with professionals. It’s a great way to show your proactive approach to exploring future opportunities.

Whether it’s customer service skills from a part-time job, or project management in volunteering, highlighting these transferable skills you gain can make your work experience more compelling to employers. Just be sure to keep the focus on the specific skillset that you gained from each experience.

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