Our roots are in secretarial and business support recruitment. And we now help with Marketing, IT, and Finance recruitment, but still assist big London businesses with temporary business support recruitment.

In the dynamic landscape of today’s workforce, the allure of long-term temping in business support roles is gaining traction. Choosing temp work instead of a permanent job has so many advantages for professionals like Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants.

Why should you consider temp jobs? Having spoken to our temp candidates, we’ve summarised the best benefits of temp work:

Diverse Skill Acquisition:

Long-term temping exposes you to a variety of industries, company cultures, and work environments. So many of our temporary workers have worked in a range of different industries. And because of this, these temping professionals are in high demand in the London job market with their wide range of experiences and skills.

Flexibility for Personal Pursuits:

Temporary positions often provide more flexibility in work schedules. Stepping away from the Monday to Friday working week gives you the freedom to pursue personal interests, education, or side projects outside of a typical 9-to-5 job. The ability to balance work and personal life contributes to overall job satisfaction. That’s why we often see part-time temp jobs being the most popular amongst our candidates, as they give them this freedom.

Career Exploration and Networking:

Long-term temping offers a unique opportunity for professionals to explore different career paths. With no job being the same, this exploration helps people find their passion, and connect with professionals, expanding their professional network and opening up even more opportunities.

Avoiding Burnout:

The demanding nature of business support roles can lead to burnout in a traditional, permanent position. Long-term temping lets professionals take breaks between assignments, preventing burnout and allowing for rest and rejuvenation.

Negotiating Power:

Temping professionals often have more negotiating power when it comes to the terms of their employment. This can include negotiating higher hourly rates, flexible work arrangements, or specific project-based roles that align with individual strengths and preferences.

Continuous Learning and Growth:

Temping roles frequently involve exposure to new challenges and projects. This continuous learning and exposure to diverse tasks contribute to professional growth, keeping individuals engaged and preventing stagnation in their careers.

With many of our clients impressed by the skills of our temps, they often offer temp to perm job opportunities. And for those who don’t want to temp forever, it’s the perfect way of getting a foot in the door at a company they’d love to work for.

If you’re looking for a temporary job in London, especially as an experienced Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant, you’ve reached the right place to start your temp job search.