The Client Story

(they currently wish to stay anonymous)

The client in question are one of the top 10 hedge-funds globally and are entirely tech-based.

Central to their future was the hire of a Platform specialist to run complex PowerShell scripts and Windows automation. They had been searching for the ideal person for over 5 years!

The skills they needed were very specific and they also needed someone who would fit in well with the existing team. They were close to delaying several important projects as this role was so central to their success. There was frustration within the internal team that they couldn’t find the right person for the job.


Crone Corkill delivered

The client decided to call Joe Knight who had previously headhunted for another IT role. At the initial meeting Joe went through the details of the role and what was required. Having worked with them previously he already had a good understanding of the team and the business set up. The client jokingly told Joe they were looking for someone so talented with his technology they could write books about it!

Tackling it head on, Joe took everything onboard and began the headhunting process. He found a hidden gem of a candidate. Someone who had worked with the technology for over a decade and had literally written books on it – exactly what the client had said in that initial briefing meeting.

This candidate wasn’t actively searching for a new role and at first, was hesitant about making a move. However, Joe was able to give him real insight to the business, the culture and the opportunities that they could offer long-term which was an incredibly convincing proposition.

The Results

Within 1 month, Joe managed to place the candidate in the role which they had been unable to fill. For over 5 years they had had this skills gap within the business, with a significant impact on projects. With the candidate in place, they were able to re-align project timelines which had significant commercial impact.

“This is the most excited we’ve been about hiring someone in a long time” Senior Technical Recruiter 

What’s next?

Joe is in regular contact with the Hiring Manager – sharing market insight and staying up to date on the progress of their projects. And, making sure that when there’s another hire to be made, it takes a lot less time!

We make the impossible, possible.

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