1. Be punctual. If you are delayed or unable to get to work, for any reason, then contact your consultant before 8.30am. They will alert the client and arrange any necessary cover.

2. Unless required otherwise, your phone should be on silent. Personal calls should not be taken or made during working hours.

3. Be respectful of the company dress code. If the role requires you to wear any special or protective clothing, ensure you’ve agreed with the client who will be responsible for providing this. If you are unsure, please speak to your consultant.

4. Introduce yourself to the people you will be working with and, where appropriate, find out who is responsible for signing your timesheet.

5. Make sure your Crone Corkill consultant has your direct line, so they can keep in touch throughout the assessment.

6. If you’re in a public-facing role, ensure you know how the client wishes to be represented. Request examples of letters and reports to ensure you match corporate style in any correspondence you produce.

7. Ask for instructions for any equipment or software you will be using on your assignment. If any specialist equipment requires training, ensure you receive this before using the equipment. At no time is client equipment to be used for your own personal use, unless authorised.

8. Personal appointments and interviews for other assignments should be arranged outside of standing working hours.

9. Do not work through lunch breaks or overtime unless agreed with your manager. Your consultant can advise you if your overtime pay rate differs from your standard hourly rate.

10. Become familiar with the client’s Health & Safety policy and keep this in mind throughout your assignment.

11. If something is unclear, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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