Senior Consultant

Amelia Clark


Hello, I’m Amelia Clark, a Senior Consultant at Crone Corkill.

I’m working with Hanna and the team on the business support desk in temporary and permanent roles. With almost eight years of experience, I’ve navigated high street recruitment, made a meaningful impact in the non-profit sector, and consistently specialised in business support, with the occasional foray into recruiting for HR roles, too.

My passion lies in connecting talent with opportunity, a role I take on with utmost dedication and commitment. Having worked in various customer service roles (including Events Host, Reception manager, and Office Operations), I genuinely appreciate the hard work and tenacity that go into these roles. I also understand how the right fit of the employee to the employer can create great long-term results.

When I’m not connecting talent with opportunity, I’m chasing my passions. I love to travel, hit the slopes with my snowboard, and challenge myself with powerlifting. My upbringing in Mallorca, Spain, means I’m fluent in Spanish, too.

Recruitment is in my blood; my dad was in the industry, so I’ve been soaking up the ins and outs of recruitment from a young age.