Head of IT

Chris Gillespie


Chris joined RGF Staffing UK in June 2022 as our Head of IT. He has over 20 years’ experience across IT, Finance and Operations, bringing a huge amount of knowledge and experience having worked in both B2B and B2C markets within Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and E-Commerce sectors.

Chris is accountable for the overall IT function across the UK, leading strategic projects and transformation across Certain Advantage and Crone Corkill. He also works closely with our colleagues in other brands under the RGF Global umbrella based in the Netherlands, Australia, Germany and the US to drive change and deploy new IT campaigns and updates.

When he’s not masterminding RGF Staffing’s latest IT project, Chris is a keen gamer, motorsport fan, and family man to his wife and two kids. Those close to him will know he also played in a brass band for 15 years and competed at the National Finals of Great Britain on three occasions!