Business Support Team Lead

Hanna Turtle


Hi, I’m Hanna 

I’m a Team Leader here at Crone Corkill. 

I joined back in 2010, and over the years I’ve built a reputation as the go-to recruiter for Business Support temps in London.  

Developing relationships with people has always been my focus.  I’ve got relationships from my first year that are still going strong.  

I’m serious about researching and understanding each role that I take on. This way, when I work out exactly what’s needed to make an impact and see that perfect match right from the start. 

I genuinely care about the people I represent and work with. Without mutual respect, it’s hard to forge relationships that are long-lasting.  

Outside of work, you might find me chasing a new personal best for a 10k run. 

What truly drives me is the rewarding feeling of placing people in their dream roles, witnessing their excitement and fulfilment.