Managing Consultant – EA/PA/Business Support

Sam Woodhouse


Hi, I’m Sam.

I’m a Managing Consultant, confident in my ability to find the best fit that works for everyone by really getting to know people and their situations. 

Networking isn’t just a part of my job; it’s my passion. I’ve gained great relationships with some of the biggest businesses in London and the best talent.  

I’ve followed some of the best talent over the years as they grow from candidates starting out on their first job, to supporting them in building their own team.  

Since 2011, I’ve focused on recruiting for the following roles across London: 

  • Executive Assistants 
  • Personal Assistants 
  • Business Support Staff  

Staying connected is essential to me. I take joy in cheering people on and witnessing both individuals and businesses grow.  

But the thing I love the most about my job is being able to call a candidate and say “you’ve got the job” – it’s a feeling like no other because recruitment genuinely changes lives. 

In my spare time I enjoy dancing, and as an ex professional dancer I learnt a lot of invaluable lessons, such as discipline, determination, and the motivation for excellence. 

Let’s chat about how I can make a difference in your career journey.