Director of Crone Corkill

Abby Jordan


Hi, I’m Abby.

Director at Crone Corkill.

I’ve been with the business for 18 years and have developed my recruitment career within the business. Now I oversee the full Crone Corkill team as well as sitting on the SMT of our parent company, RGF Staffing UK.

I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved at Crone Corkill over the last few years.

When I joined the company, we were firmly a secretarial recruiter, supplying experienced typists (the fastest) and receptionists across the City and West End.

These days, we look at lot different! We’ve moved with the times, and the changing needs of London businesses.

We’ve been reactive to our clients’ needs, and have developed an internal culture that’s open, welcome and puts people and personality at the heart of everything we do.

I think my biggest career achievement has been expanding the pillars of our business – pairing Business Support with HR, Marketing, It and Finance was a no-brainer. We work so closely with our clients that it makes sense we offer the service we are known for in these key central functions.

I’m a hands-on business leader – I still like to meet our clients and candidates so that I can work on new ideas and initiatives that will help us continue to make great connections across the city.

And, I’m a champion for work-life balance. It’s not always easy, but it has to be achievable.

I’ll continue to drive this business forward with ideas, policies, insights and support that identifies us as an employer of choice, a responsible business partner and a team of people that will always understand the individual.

Recently, we went through a rebranding process, and it’s been refreshing to see my team get so involved. The new identity harnesses their independent spirit, ambition and experience. I’m incredibly proud of the team and want them to be just as proud of the company they work for.

Check out my latest blog for more details.