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Job Reference: TE001100

Posted by: Tony English

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Industry: Education and Training
London, UK
£55000 – £55000 per annum

Description of role:

The Programme Manager leads end-to-end project and programme management and the implementation of robust processes to deliver requirements while ensuring value for money. The role contributes to the long-term financial performance of the companies projects and programmes through effective operational and financial performance management.

Looking for a PM who has experience with DFID who designed programmes either in Education, Health, Charity or similar.

This role is NOT an IT role so if you specialise in IT, this is not suitable

You will lead and manage end-to-end product, project, programme management and direct delivery including mobilisation, reviews of performance and compliant exit.

  • Build effective and productive working relationships with funders, sector bodies and subcontractors, teams across the business and commissioners/deliver high level of customer service in managing commercial enquiries.
  • Implementing and leading effective mobilisation e.g. creating key planning, reporting monitoring documentation.
  • Developing commercial and funded programmes delivery strategy and shaping their design feasibility, financial modelling, project plans, procurement of subcontractors, risks and mitigations.
  • Lead the building, monitoring and reporting against delivery budgets taking remedial action where required
  • Leading procurement activity, to source high quality and value for money partners through writing tenders, interviewing and selecting partners that can meet programme requirements
  • Leading performance management of subcontractors by setting and monitoring targets for subcontractors to maximise their contribution and to ensure that performance targets are achieved taking remedial action where required
  • Lead regular reviews with both funders and subcontractors to assess performance, plan approach to achieving future targets and identify potential risks and mitigating actions to ensure positive progression.
  • Ensure appropriate escalation of any issues with performance.
  • Monitor each subcontractor’s financial performance and spend against budgets, providing data and narrative the business and funder reporting, working closely with the finance team.
  • Provide status reports regarding project and programme milestones, progress against key performance indicators (KPIs), interdependencies, lessons learned, risks and issues in accordance with the business and commissioner requirements.
  • Meet with commissioner/funder on a regular basis and ensure that meetings take place with subcontractors/partners to address any issues which have been escalated.
  • Lead and monitor project and programme closure procedures with subcontractors.

  1. Identifying best practice and building relationships
  • Provide input and expertise as required for the initial stages of project and programme inception and design process, working closely with the procurement team on subcontractor/partner selection.
  • Identify effective practice through data analysis and robust audit, sharing with the wider Programme Team, and developing into business-as-usual.
  • Ensure that expertise across delivery areas is kept up to date through self-management and engagement with the latest policy and research.
  • Build and maintain relationships with relevant stakeholders, strategic and generic subcontractors/partners and other relevant organisations.
  • Provide input on marketing and communication activity to the team, ensuring alignment with branding and other communications activities.
  • Work closely with relevant teams and external experts/providers to ensure close link between CPD design and programme management, to understand any issues to be addressed in the delivery of projects and programmes and to ensure delivery is high quality with robust quality assurance processes.

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