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Job Reference: BBBH73058

Posted by: Leon Thomas

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Industry: IT
City of London, London, UK
£32000.00 – £32000.00 per annum

Description of role:

Position Overview:

Our client uses a proprietary, internally developed knowledgebase system known as ‘G- Trac’. Initially designed to enhance team communication, collaboration and reporting, G-Trac aggregates updated information on a variety of modules, including but not limited to CRM, companies, events, Legal agreements, projects, inventory, CMS, training, policies, HSE, risks, and sales orders. Recently, the company has taken a strategic pivot to transform G-Trac into a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, allowing other companies to utilise this robust system to manage their business operations.

The Software Support Analyst for ‘GKS’ will play a crucial role in the ongoing development of G- Trac, not only by entering, managing, and updating data within the G-Trac knowledgebase but also by preparing the system for external use. The successful candidate will champion the expanded capabilities of G-Trac across the group, providing training to users, acting as a data helpdesk and ensuring the platform meets the diverse needs of both internal and external clients. Responsibilities include troubleshooting potential bugs, liaising with the technical team to report issues and continuously enhancing the system’s functionality. The role is pivotal in offering first-class software support and maximizing value through comprehensive training and user education, adapting to the platform’s evolving business model.

The role responsibilities will include:

  • Capturing, updating, uploading, and managing data in the G-Trac knowledgebase system, which is now transitioning to a SaaS This involves extensive and routine data entry tasks related to companies and individuals as part of our client’s CRM initiatives, which are crucial for internal use and as a service offering to other businesses.
  • Entering data and information from time to time on behalf of other users, ensuring seamless integration and consistency across the SaaS
  • Monitoring, curating and improving user entries while providing ongoing guidance to users for optimal information effectiveness is essential for maintaining high-quality service delivery in a SaaS
  • Conducting internet and desktop research to keep the knowledgebase updated with news and current affairs relevant to the Group and to aid CRM, enhancing the platform’s value to external clients.
  • Providing G-Trac training and development to new and existing users, including preparation and maintenance of user and training materials tailored for both internal stakeholders and external SaaS
  • Acting as the G-Trac helpdesk for users to assist with queries and issues, offering critical support in a customer-facing SaaS solution.
  • Collating and interpreting user feedback and comments to continuously improve the system is a key process in the iterative development of a SaaS
  • Collecting and detailing functional requirements for adding new features or modifying current ones, aligning product development with user needs and market trends in the SaaS industry.
  • Collaborating closely with the Development team to ensure these requirements are accurately implemented and delivered on time, ensuring the platform’s reliability and scalability as a SaaS
  • Verify the functionality of all features following a system update and report any discrepancies or issues to the development team for resolution, which is crucial for maintaining high service levels expected from a SaaS

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