IT Recruitment Consultant

Luke Clark


Hey, I’m Luke, 

Senior Consultant in the IT team at Crone Corkill. 

IT recruitment is the fastest developing pillar in our business. In the last two years there’s been a focus on finding people with super-specific skills and experience for mid-senior roles. And that’s what I excel in.  

I focus on the finding the best people in Software Engineering including: 

  • Front Stack Engineers + Developers
  • Front End Engineers + Developers 
  • Back End Engineers + Developers.  

If you’ve got a strong background in any of these areas, let’s have a conversation. London is buzzing with opportunity, and once I’ve gotten to know someone’s skills and aptitude, it’s much easier to find them the perfect role.  

My favourite part of recruitment will always be that successful job offer call – there’s really nothing better than getting to know someone, and then being able to celebrate their success.  

My success is tied directly to the success of my clients getting that perfect new hire, and that employee loving their job. It’s a win-win-win.  

If I’m not head-down in recruitment, I’m glued to the football, Formula 1 or planning my next Glastonbury pilgrimage. Who’s in for next year? 


Get in touch with me: 0161 519 8370