Rachael Restall


Hey, I’m Rachael. 

I’m a Business Support Recruiter here at Crone Corkill. 

My career path has been quite unique, starting as a recruiter, transitioning to a PA role, and eventually circling back to my roots as a recruiter here. 

After exploring opportunities in Aviation and the music business, I realised that my heart belonged to the world of recruitment and people-focused careers.  

If you know me, you’ll agree that being a ‘people person’ is more than just a cliché; it’s who I am at my core. 

I’m looking for the best: 

  • Executive / Personal Assistants 
  • Secretaries 
  • Office Managers 

With my own experience as PA, I have a unique understanding of the ins and outs, which gives me a massive advantage when helping you find the perfect match. 

I pride myself on being personable, approachable, and driven, and I’m eager to deliver the best possible service to everyone I work with. 

Personally, I find joy in spending time with my friends and family, especially going to the beach in my hometown of Brighton.

My ambition is to continue growing a successful client base, specialising in creative industries in London.